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We offer a large selection of different style desks: French and English Antique Desks: Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian Desks: Partner’s Desk, Lawyer’s desk, Minister Desk, Pedestal Desk, Library desk, Dickens desk, Davenport, writing tables, lady’s desks, French secrétaires, cylinder desk, folding down school desk, Bureaux, Art Déco Low Boys, Queen Anne Desks, serpentine desks, kidney-shaped desks and others.

French Louis XV bureau desk

Late 18th C Louis XV style slope top desk in light oak. Excellent condition . Dimensions: 110 (...)

Price : 3800 €

French Empire period mahogany cylinder desk and bookcase

Cylinder top bureau bookcase in mahogany. French Empire period. Fitted interior with original (...)

Price : 6800 €

Lady’s desk called "Bonheur du jour" french Napoléon III period in rosewood

French Napoléon III period lady’s desk called "bonheur du jour". This desk is made from rosewood (...)

Price : 1830 €

Bureau Slope Desk Writing Table In Cherry Louis XVI

slope of office, office-desk, with Louis XVI writing table, cherry slope massif.Ce office has a (...)

Price : 2830 €

All Faces Office Writing Table Drawer Oak Blond Central

Small flat desk, a small writing table all sides, solid oak jump, high Époque. This writing (...)

Price : 1830 €

Large Desk All Faces And Bramble Oak Walnut

Large office all sides in oak and walnut. Art Deco. This office opens in front by two side (...)

Price : 1830

French desk called"secrétaire" burr-walnut

A period burr-walnut French desk called "Secretaire". 19th Century Fitted interior in satinwood (...)

Price : 1290 €

Victorian Davenport desk

Davenport with ebony and satinwood friezes. Satinwood interior. Excellent condition (...)

Price : 2290 €

Petit Bonheur Du Jour Lady Mahogany Bureau writing desk

Bonheur du Jour" very original in form, Regency Style, Mahogany Cuba flamed. This office lady (...)

Price : 1200 €

Mahogany pedestal desk

Price : 2300 €

Exceptional Victorian center desk called "Dickens Desk"

Price : 5800 €

Mahogany travelling desk and display cabinet

Price : 2740 €

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