The "amateur" will enjoy the department of the "paintings" where he will discover a large selection of oils on canvas, oils on boards, English or French Schools, watercolour, seascapes, landscapes, Still-life, prints, engravings, original paintings, portraits or medallions.

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Set of Three original signed drawings of a face of a child

Three original drawings of different facial expressions of a child. These drafts drawings are (...)

Price : 750 €

Painting, oil on Canvas, Portrait of a gentleman

Painting, oil on Canvas representing the portrait of a nobleman in his costume. French School. (...)

Price : 1525 €

Painting, still-life, bouquet of flowers, Oil on canvas

Painting, Oil on canvas, Still-Life representing a bouquet of flowers. French School. This (...)

Price : 850 €

French Oil Painting Oil on Canvas representing Louis XIV King

Price :

Pair of still-life paintings of bouquets of flowers

A very beautiful and highly decorative pair of still-life paintings of bouquets of flowers. The (...)

Price : 1800 €

Painting Still Life With Fruits Signed

Painting, Fruit Nature : Plums and Lemons. This still life is signed in the lower right and (...)

Price : 1525 €

Painting Oil on Canvas Seascape signed W. Nicholson Smith

A very attractive painting, oil on canvas, representing a seascape. 19th C. English school oil (...)

Price : 1200 €

Painting, Oil on Canvas, Seascape, signed Malaval French School

Very attractive painting, Oil on Canvas, French School, signed Malaval. This oil on canvas (...)

Price : 580 €

painting pastel romantic style signed Garnier with a child

Superb pastel in its original frame. French School. Signed on the lower right : F. Garnier (...)

Price : 1250 €

Large painting, Oil on Canvas Roman Ruins The Forum

A large painting, Oil on Canvas representing Roman ruins and more pricisely the Forum. This (...)

Price : 2290 €

Painting, oil on canvas, French School Romantic period signed

A large painting, oil, French School, signed A. Jourdan. This large painting represents a (...)

Price : 1830 €

1.Painting watercolour in gold leaf frame landscape and woods

Painting, watercolour representing woods. French School. Rolantic period. Watercolour of (...)

Price : 1290 €

Pair of Romantic prints representing children

Pair of French Romantic period prints. One is representing a young girl with her dog and the (...)

Price : 760 € chaque

Pair of Romantic prints representing children

Pair of French Romantic period prints representing children with their dog. One in representing (...)

Price : 760 € chaque

Painting Oil on Canvas seascape signed Thomas Cole

Painting, Oil on Canvas , Seascape signed Thomas Cole. Thomas Cole is a reference and is listed (...)

Price : 2290 €

Painting watercolour gouache signed Robert Coret

Painting, Watercolour, Gouache representing the street in Paris called "Rue saint-Vincent" in (...)

Price : 1200 €

Painting Oil on canvas Barbizon School Woods

Large painting oil on canvas representing woods. This painting oil on canvas has some signs of (...)

Price : 1450 €

Painting Oil on board representing cherubs

A beautiful Painting in its original gold leaf frame. This painting is an oil on board and (...)

Price : 2290 €

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